U-Prove is an open source anonymous credentials library released by Microsoft Research. Mira Belenkiy designed and developed the PolyProof library for the U-Prove Extensions C# SDK. It allows users to create complex zero-knowledge proofs about the attributes in their credentials. Users can anonymously prove their age falls in a certain range, their job title is part of a certain set, or two separate credentials belong to the same person.

Distributed Key Management

DKM, an internal Microsoft distributed key management  library is now deployed across many Microsoft products such as Outlook Live and System Center VMM. During her time at Microsoft, Mira worked with over 50 product teams to develop a common solution to key management for distributed systems.  

Single Password Authentication

Users on average have only 3 distinct passwords that they reuse across all their accounts. This project investigated methods for securely authenticating to untrusted online services without revealing a persistent password, while using only basic cryptographic functions found on typical mobile devices.