xStack teaches children the meaning of multiplication and helps them memorize the multiplication tables.


xStack Method:

- Three modes: Learn, Practice, Test

- Learn mode consists of 13 carefully selected drills that start simple and promote the idea of counting by 2s (3s, etc. -- whatever multiplicand the child is learning) and gradually get more complex until the last drill where the child gets random questions. Each question is accompanied by a visual cue (a stack of squares) so that the child can always count to the right answer while he learns. Animations guide the child how to count if he makes a mistake.

- Practice mode consists of 60 random questions. Each question is still accompanied by the same visual cues and animations, and the child still has to give the right answer before moving to the next question.

- Test mode consists of random questions for multiple multiplicands. There are no visual cues or required correct answer before moving to the next question, but at the end of the test, the child will correct all mistakes in learning mode. This reinforces everything that the child has already learned.


- Students can practice their 2’s, 5’s, etc tables as they learn them in school. Aligns with Common Core.

- Provides visual cues and animations to help children learn.

- Gives a head start to young children who never saw multiplication before. Your child can start counting squares and multiplying in minutes.

- Provides a recent activity log to track your child's progress.